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Usa training camp

The USA is famous for its love of Baseball, American Football and Basketball but Eventoutors The Sport Direction can now offer USA rugby tours, football tours, hockey tours and netball tours. The USA is now a hotbed for some typically British team sports and we can help you organise every element of your sports tour to the USA.

The USA is such a diverse place for a sports tour and each city has it's own history, character and charm. We can combine any number of cities on your tour depending on how many nights you want to stay. On the West coast Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco are the most popular sports tour destinations. Each city is unique in its own right and we can offer brilliant multi-centre tours combining all three destinations. On the East coast New York is the obvious choice for most sports teams but Boston too is also well worth a visit. For more information on each of the destinations see the sports tour destination boxes below or contact us for more information on our USA sports tours.

East Coast USA Sports Tours

Sports Tours to New York

New York is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA and as one of the most cosmopolitain cities in the world there is so much to see and do it will entertain even the most demanding sports tour groups. The statue of liberty, Empire State building, Brooklyn bridge, Times Square, Central Park, Hudson river cruise, ground zero, broadway, the Rockerfeller, Grand central station, New York will blow you away!
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Sports Tours to Boston

Boston is only 2 hours from New York which makes it the ideal destination for a dual centre tour of the East coast. It's a vibrant city with great nightlife and bustling city centre. Boston is one of America's oldest cities and rich in history and culture with plenty of attractions ranging from museums and monuments to river cruises, adventure activities and guided tours. Combine your trip to Boston with a few days in New York for the ultimate tour.
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West Coast USA Sports Tours

Sports Tours to San Francisco

San Francisco is the most laid-back city in the USA. San Fran is an incredibly popular tourist destination for sports teams in its own right but it can also be combined with trips to Las Vegas and Los Angeles for a true West coast tour. Hire a bike and ride over the golden-gate bridge, take a trip to Alcatraz, shop in Union square, ride the street cable car from the city centre to the bay. You'll want to come back year after year!
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Sports Tours to Los Angeles

Los Angeles doesn't need much of an introduction. It's the home of Hollywood, the walk of fame, santa Monica boulevard, Venice beach and more. Talk a tour of the city on an open top bus, enjoy the beaches, head to Universal studios for an incredible day out and why not visit LA Galaxy for a stadium tour or watch a fixture if the MLS season is in play. LA is one of the most diverse cities in the USA and we can't recommend it enough.
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Sports Tours to the USA

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For more information on our USA sports tours please contact one of our USA sports tour managers and we'll get a quote out to you straight away.

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