Asiago (Veneto) training camp

From June 15th to September 15th

Asiago (Veneto) training camp

The Asiago’s Plateau, called also “ 7 municipalities”, rise up in the Veneto’s Region close to some interesting cities to visit such as Vicenza (55 km), Venice ( 124 km), Verona ( 125 km) and Bassano del Grappa(35km).

During the First World War Asiago was destroyed, than it has been rebuilt according to the ancient urban structure and it was honoured with the title of city with war’merit Situated at 1001 metres of altitude, it is surely the most famous village between the 7 municipalities, it’s an ideal location for sport‘s retreats thanks to several sports facilities such as a good level football field, a good choise of hotel's accomodations, several shops,restaurants, bars, pastry shops and it's a good point of departure to interesting excursions.

The Asiago plateau, also known as "dei Sette Comuni" is situated in the Veneto region to 1000 meters of altitude, in the province of Vicenza. Rising from the Plains for a steep ten hairpin bends, the plateau shows a magnificent landscape of vast meadows, countries with high towers and a Crown of peaks.

The areas of Ortigara and Cima Caldiera, Portule, Cima Undici, Cima Dodici, scene of fierce fighting during the first world war, are now a prime destination for hikers on the trail of history and the past: clearly visible are still strong Verena, interrupted, Corbin, Lisser, Campolongo.Very interesting town with many amusements, shops and sports facilities. Ideal for a sports retreat for your team. Natural grass football field.

What includes

4 days / 3 full board nights in 3 star hotels

Two workouts per day of 90 min. in grass field

A friendly with referee

Muddy training wash 1 time per day

Water at meals included

Accommodation in 3/4-bed rooms


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Extra friendly (with REF) team in the same category

Any taxes not included

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, football field etc.)


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