Cantalupa (TO) training camp

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Cantalupa (TO) training camp

The Municipality of Cantalupa (Province of Turin) has a total area of ​​1,144 hectares. Risen, before the year 800, around the Monastery Be-nedettino, it currently has 2,600 inhabitants.

Cantalupa, in a particular panoramic position, at a minimum height of 450 meters above sea level, at the foot of the rocky spurs of the Tre Denti and Monte Freidour (1,450 m), is 30 km from Turin, 8 km from Pinerolo. of Cantalupa, with the financial contribution of the Piedmont Region, of the Province of Turin, of the Pinerolese Pedemontano Mountain Community, of the National CONI and of some banking foundations, it has a plurality of sporting and receptive structures, located in the center of the country, constituents the Regional School of Sport, a sports training and promotion center:

- Campus-guesthouse, with annexed recreational facilities (synthetic soccer field, basketball court

- volleyball, tennis, beach volleyball, mountain bike trail).

- Athletics stadium with attached facilities

- Football stadium

- Sports Hall with small gym , central gym, musculature room, indoor athletic pistino, climbing walls, related services.

- Municipal Gym - Cross country (1,600 meters and 6,000 meters course) and walking in a 180,000 square meter forest

- FIT National Federal Center ARCO.– Conference Center with attached Tre Denti hotel


What includes

4 days / 3 nights full board in 3* Hotel

2 90-minute workouts per day

Water at meals included

Accommodation in a 3 / 4 bed room


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Friendly Match with referee (if available)

Possible City Taxes to be paid locally

A Security Deposit may be required upon arrival

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, fields, etc.)


Booking for series A and B tickets where expected

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