Acquapartita (FC) training camp

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Acquapartita (FC) training camp

The small village on the Apennines, in the heart of Romagna-Tuscany, is located along the E45, the expressway that connects Rome, the capital, to Ravenna, the seaside city guardian of Byzantine masterpieces. It is a few tens of km from the Romagna Riviera to the north and from the Tuscan cities of art - Arezzo and Florence - to the south.

Bagno di Romagna is the temple of slow living. The purity of the elements, the natural warmth of the waters, the intensity of the flavors, the friendliness of a small mountain community and the quality of the services, the result of a long experience, are the souls of a land of encounters: with the history of long relationship with Florence; with the pleasure of the body, pampered, massaged, cradled by the thermal waters; with the nature of the Casentinesi Forests National Park and its network of villages and trails; with gastronomy, the refined one of great chefs and the convivial one of small inns; with the spirituality of the sacred places that dot its surroundings.

Bagno di Romagna is the place of well-being for all seasons, the place where spas, nature, culture and gastronomy intertwine to make every moment of the year enjoyable. Every time, every light, every season is a tribute to the philosophy of slow and good living.

11-a-side football pitch in natural grass adjacent to the hotel. There is also a regular grass pitch for 5-a-side football and a beach volleyball court.

What includes

4 days / 3 nights full board in 3* Hotel

2 90-minute workouts per day

Water at meals included

Accommodation in a 3 / 4 bed room


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Friendly Match with referee (if available)

Possible City Taxes to be paid locally

A Security Deposit may be required upon arrival

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, fields, etc.)


Booking for series A and B tickets where expected

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