Villafranca (Veneto) training camp

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Villafranca (Veneto) training camp

Seeing her and immediately fall in love, and then come back to discover it. What other city could have been the backdrop to the love story of all time? If Romeo and Juliet are really lived here, for sure have left a city to fall in love every time.

For more than two millennia, the city walls protect precious gems of art, history and culture, unexpected vestiges that shine giving to its citizens and visitors from around the world a unique and seductive.

Historical and cultural heritage of humanity, has inspired painters, poets, travelers and celebrities of every epoca.Verona a true work of art, fascinates everyone: the interplay of influences between eras, cultures blend of knowledge, mix of classical culture and Germanic, Nordic and solar, ancient and dynamic at the same time.

What includes

4 days / 3 full board nights in 3 star hotels

Two workouts per day of 90 min. in grass field

A friendly with referee

Muddy training wash 1 time per day

Water at meals included

Accommodation in 3/4-bed rooms


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Extra friendly (with REF) team in the same category

Any taxes not included

For each team we ask on arrival a deposit of € 200.00 for damage, which will be returned on departure after inspecting rooms

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, football field etc.)


Booking tickets for series A and B tickets where provided.

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