Tonezza (Veneto) training camp

From 15/05 to 15/09

Tonezza (Veneto) training camp

For those who like long walks, wanting to stay in a peaceful and who believe that peace is something from another era that has given way to chaotic and hectic life, to those who stop to better enjoy the chirping of a bird or remaining motionless with his telescope to view an enchanting spectacle, all these people Tonezza offers a range of possibilities to discover images of the past, to be able to chat with friendly people, to discover the nature trails along ...

Tonezza Cittadella dello Sport. Structures of recent construction, unique of its kind, designed to combine sport and mountain holiday. Tonezza is a small mountain village surrounded by green forests rich in history, suitable for those looking for a close contact with nature.

What includes

4 days / 3 nights full board in 3* Hotel

2 90-minute workouts per day

Water at meals included

Accommodation in a 3 / 4 bed room


Extra day in triple room (including 2 trainings)

Friendly Match with referee (if available)

Possible City Taxes to be paid locally

A Security Deposit may be required upon arrival

Muddy training wash 1 time per day

Other Services


Organization transfers (airports, fields, etc.)


Booking for series A and B tickets where expected

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